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Construction on the Oakland Coliseum was initiated in 1962 and completed in 1966 at a cost of $25 million dollars. The inaugural game was played September 18, 1966 against the Kansas City Chiefs.

October 15, 2016:  The Nevada Legislature and State Senate approved $750 million dollars of taxpayer funds to help build a $1.9 billion dollar domed stadium.  The Raiders moving to Las Vegas is all but inevitable with the City of Oakland and Alameda County offering plenty of excuses but no money. Nevada Approves Public Funding.

September 16, 2016:  The Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee voted unanimously to recommend $750 million dollars of public funds be used to help build a stadium to be used by the Raiders.  The proposal has not made it’s way to the Governor nor State Legislature but it’s a start.

August 25, 2016:  Mark Davis and the Oakland Raiders filed a trademark application with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for the trademark:  Las Vegas Raiders.  This is more a preemptive and protective move more than anything else but nonetheless odds of Mark Davis keeping the Raiders in Oakland keep slip, slipping away.  Here is the a link to the Forbes article:  TRADEMARK–LAS VEGAS RAIDERS.

June 15, 2016:  The chance of Mark Davis keeping the Raiders in Oakland is slim to none but there’s still an inkling of hope.  An investment group led by Ronnie Lott is pitching it’s own stadium plan.  The group includes former NFL QB Rodney Peete, who had a brief stint with the Raiders.  At this point, Lott’s group of investors have presented ideas to city and team officials, but nothing concrete.  Nonetheless they have caught the attention of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

What hasn’t changed is the City of Oakland’s desire and ability to use public funds on an NFL stadium.  With various scandals engulfing the city, Mark Davis has dropped a few notches on their priority list.  The other big issue is ownership.  Ronnie Lott and his group want a stake in the team.   We’ll see how that goes….but right now this may be the last opportunity for a Raider stadium in Oakland.

May 25, 2016:  More news related to LAS VEGAS.

April 28, 2016: In case you didn’t read it, here’s a link to NFL.COM’s latest news on Las Vegas.  RAIDERS TO VEGAS?

March 25, 2016: The Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority has increased the annual stadium rent for the Oakland Raiders from $925,000 per year to $3.5 million for the 2016 season. That’s a 278% increase. The rationale is that the extra rent is needed to cover gameday security and other expenses typically paid by NFL teams. The deal allows Mark Davis and the Raiders to play next season in Oakland with one year options for the 2017 and 2018 seasons.

“I’m ready to kiss and say goodbye and help him pack his bags”, Oakland Councilman Noel Gallo

Yeah, sure thing. This is what Mark Davis has to deal with. The irony, however, is Mr. Gallo is one of the more sensible members of the Oakland City Council.

The whole thing makes Las Vegas even more attractive. Flight time between Oakland and Las Vegas is 90 minutes. The Raiders could continue to live and practice in Oakland and fly in the day before a game. Of course, they would lose a lot in terms of home field advantage. Then again, if planned right, each Vegas game could be a loud Raider raucous.

But isn’t that the Raiders? Hated, feared…misunderstood…Loved by no one but their fans.



January 2016: The Raiders are a team without a home…at least a permanent one…at least for now. Much has been said about the big news from the NFL Owners Meeting. For us here, we’ll just provide a few comments and observations.

Team without a Stadium -

Mark Davis withdrew his petition for the Carson proposal, paving the way for Stan Kroenke to move the Rams back to Los Angeles. The deal gives San Diego the first option to share the proposed stadium in Inglewood. The Raiders have the second option.  The Chargers basically have 18 months to make their decision.

Mark Davis had little to say after the Owners Meeting and the organization has not publicly commented since. Here are Mark Davis’s comments at the Owners Meeting.

“The Raiders congratulate Stan Kroenke and the Rams on their successful bid for relocation to Los Angeles. The Raiders will now turn our attention to exploring all options to find a permanent stadium solution. We thank fans throughout the Raider Nation for their unrivaled passion and support.”

Davis gave in to the inevitable and withdrew his Carson Stadium Petition. What did he get in return? $100 Million more from the NFL. Last summer his reported funding gap for staying in Oakland was $400 Million. His funding gap would now be $300 Million but there’s more issues than funding.

There are reports floating around that the Raiders have purchased land near San Antonio. San Antonio would welcome the Raiders with open arms and more financial support than the City of Oakland and Alameda County has or will. We think San Antonio is still under consideration by Mark Davis because of that. We don’t believe, however, that land has already been purchased as Real Estate transactions in Texas are public record…and thus it would be more than a rumor.

Losing the LA option gives leverage to the City of Oakland. Mayor Libby Schaaf has publicly stated the city is willing to lease land to the Raiders, apparently at below market rates, and reduce commercial development so the Raiders are guaranteed 8,000 level surface parking spaces near the stadium. While it sounds good, there is still a long way to go.

Mark Davis, of course, wants Oakland and Alameda County to give him the land. The Mayor can talk all she wants, but details and agreements on paper speak far louder than words. In the past Mayor Schaaf has said Mark Davis and the Raiders would be responsible for stadium cost overruns. Until she changes that stance, hard to see how an agreement can be reached. Overruns on a public project estimated at $900 Million could end up being well north of $100M.

So where does that leave us. A team without a home. 


Note: This article was originally posted in September 2015 and updated in December 2015 after dates for the 2016 Owners Meeting were announced.

As Mark Davis and the Oakland Raiders continue their search for a new NFL Stadium, the Carson proposal seems more and more inevitable. Yet nobody knows for certain what’s going to happen. And that includes owners Spanos and Davis. The next set of clues, however, will come at the owners meeting on January 12-13.

Most fans (except maybe those in the LA area) want the Raiders to stay in Oakland. And they won’t give up hope, no matter the news, until Mark Davis signs a contract with a competing city. But the fact remains, if the City of Oakland has been unable or unwilling to come up with a viable plan in nearly two decades why should we expect them to come up with an acceptable plan before the end of 2015, much less the 2016 Owners Meeting?

Making the sell that a new stadium will increase jobs and tax revenue is never easy but making it to a city with as many challenges as Oakland is nearly impossible. No matter the financials and mathematics, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture when public money goes to a fat cat owner and the NFL instead of the poor and disadvantaged. Fat Cat Owner–for Mark Davis, that’s a stereotype, not reality. And yes, there are studies that show new sports stadiums do not increase local revenue. But it begs the question, how objective were they?

Critics say public money should never be used for a sports stadium, thereby subsidizing a rich owner. The alternative, of course, will widen the gulf between owner and fan. What we will see is more and more teams owned by a smaller, yet elite group of hyper rich that can self finance and in many cases look at teams as a commodity. Stan Kroenke comes to mind. Not exactly sure how many professional sports teams he owns at the present moment. Pretty sure, though, he owns much more than the St. Louis Rams.

So where does that leave us? Well, hoping against hope. But isn’t that the Raiders? Hated, feared, and misunderstood. Loved by no one except their fans.


Stadium News - A team without a home -


  • Christopher

    October 15, 2016

    Big step in Raider’s relocation

  • Douglas

    August 5, 2016

    Last article was June 15th. Any insight on what’s going on lately? I like your comments about Vegas being a Raider party for home games. I live in Ontario, CA (just east of LA) and would gladly hop over to LV to see the Raiders.


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