We own this dump. Did the Denver Broncos disrespect the Oakland Raiders. RAIDERGHOSTS.com

Were the Denver Broncos frustrated by the Oakland Raiders to the point of disrespecting them?

The Broncos are a hard hitting yet disciplined team. It’s the disciplined part that made their collection of personal fouls in the second half a little puzzling. Could it be the fifteen yarders were born out of frustration?

Surely the Broncos did not expect the lowly Raiders to still be hanging with them in the third and fourth quarters, much less at the end of the game. That sentiment was expressed by the Denver Post’s Mark Kiszla in an online article after the game. Referring to the Black Hole, Kiszla declared “…the Broncos own this dump.

And even Peyton Manning, when asked about Charles Woodson’s two interceptions, chimed, “Well, I guess it’s taken him eighteen years.” Manning is both a fierce competitor and a decent guy. But even then he had to poke Woodson in the eye. Were his comments frustration, friendly sarcasm, or perhaps a thumbing of the nose?

Either way, the Raider team doesn’t care. They had a chance to beat the Broncos and came up short. That’s all that matters. But still, they got under Denver’s skin and that has to count for something, no matter how small.