Raiders Resign Marquette King
The Oakland Raiders signed Punter Marquette King to a long term contract on Monday (February 29, 2016). Official terms were not disclosed but it is believed to be either five or six years at an average of three million per year, including guaranteed money. The former undrafted free agent was humble when speaking about the contract.

Raiders Resign Marquette King
Marquette King makes a huge stop against Antonio Brown.

Eddie Paskal of reports King saying, “The organization gave me an opportunity which I’m really thankful for, and they decided to keep me, so that feels good, just to know that they trust me enough, and for me, it just makes me want to work even harder.”

The resigned Punter came across as very sincere. There was no thumping the chest. In fact, he went on to say, “I have a long way to go.” He was mindful of former Raiders Hall of Famer Ray Guy, who, like King, is from Georgia. King’s hometown is Macon, Georgia and he attended little known, Fort Valley State for four years. He also mentioned Shane Lechler in his comments. He seems to truly understand the Raiders tradition and we look forward to cheering him on for years to come.

Marquette King was our Oakland Raiders Special Teams MVP for 2016. We actually think he should have been named All Pro and stated his case in our Special Teams Season Review. You can read that article by clicking here: Special Teams



Raiders Resign Marquette King --