OAKLAND RAIDERS & JON GRUDEN Q&A – Lots of rumors out there about Mark Davis chasing Jon Gruden (again).


Q1: Is or will Mark Davis entice Jon Gruden with an ownership stake in the Raiders?

No and no.

Q2: Is Mark Davis truly interested in Gruden or is this just rumors, gossip, and or another unnamed sources story?

All three. Sure, Davis could end up hiring Gruden but he’s not going to do it unless his current head coach does something stupid (unlikely) or tells his boss he’s having doubts about continuing as head coach of the Oakland soon to be Las Vegas Raiders. Mark Davis well remembers his father firing the Great Art Shell after going 9-7 in the 1994 season only to call it a mistake years later. Changing head coaches is not going make a major difference with this team. They need more talent, particularly on defense. At the end of the day, the only way Del Rio gets replaced is if his team outright quits on him in Week 17.


Q3: Okay, let’s look at it from the other side. Is Jon Gruden truly interested in the Raiders?

Every man has his price and in that regards the answer is, yes. But think about it. Gruden has a cushy primetime analyst job plus the commercials and consulting he does. Compare that to the brutal hours an NFL head coach must put in just to keep his job. If Gruden comes back, nothing short of a Super Bowl will be deemed a success. Above all, his reputation and brand are at stake. That’s a lot of stress for a guy already making tens of millions. But again, every man has his price.


Q4:  At the end of the day, would the Oakland Raiders & Jon Gruden be a good fit?

Well, the real question is: would Jon Gruden take the Raiders to the Super Bowl any faster than Jack Del Rio?  As noted previously, above all, the Oakland Raiders need more defensive talent and playmakers far more than they need a new head coach.  Gruden, however, would give the team buzz going into Las Vegas.  It’s a double edged sword though.  If Gruden doesn’t get them to the Super Bowl within two years, LV fans are going to be dejected and may make their voices known by staying home on game day.  That’s the last thing Mark Davis needs.  We’re all disappointed with the 2017 season but let’s stick it out with JDR.




Raiders & Jon Gruden


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