OAKLAND RAIDERS — As we discussed a mid year article for the 4-4 Oakland Raiders, we couldn’t help thinking of the President giving the annual State of the Union Address. Our imaginations wandered. Suddenly we saw Owner Mark Davis standing before delegates of the Raider Nation. Television cameras panned the audience before centering on Mr. Davis. It went something like this.

“I’ve been asked if our dark times are over. I can only say that morning is near. Some wonder if we’ve turned a page. I say that page is still turning but it’s turning fast. The Raider Nation is reawakening. We’re getting stronger. It won’t be long.”

After much applause, Davis continues. “While we celebrate and yet decry 4-4, I’m beholden to remind you that dark days remain. There will be disappointment and heartbreak. I cannot guarantee the playoffs for 2015 but we will do our best. We will be Raiders. The rest of the NFL is on notice. The Raiders have woken from their slumber. There will be payback. You will feel pain.”

#15 Michael Crabtree has been a solid pick up for the Oakland Raiders.

To keep it simple, we’ve decided to just hand out MVP awards. But for those who need to know, let’s look at team stats before handing out the awards.

Team Statistics (per game)
Total Offense: 375 yards – 8th
Total Passing: 270 yards – 8th
Total Rushing: 105 yards – 18th
Points Scored: 26.6 – 7th

Total Defense: 412 yards – 30th
Pass Defense: 315 yards – 32nd
Run Defense: 97 yards – 8th
Points Allowed: 26.4 – 24th



QB Derek Carr – He’s been a leader and has delivered on the field. Derek has thrown 19 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions. His QB rating is an outstanding 104.3

Honorable Mention:
WR Amari Cooper – 653 yards on 45 receptions, 14.5 yard average. 4 Touchdowns.
WR Michael Crabtree – 591 yards on 47 receptions, 12.6 yard average. 5 Touchdowns.
Offensive Line led by LT Donald Penn & LG Gabe Jackson – The line has given up only 10 sacks all year.


FS Charles Woodson – Woodson has 5 interceptions, including a game winner against the Cleveland Browns. He also has 8 passes defended and is third on the team with 41 total tackles. This pick wasn’t entirely about stats. Charles has been a team leader and inspirational. Therefore the 39 year old safety gets the nod.

Honorable Mention:
LB Malcom Smith – Smith has been a good FA acquisition for the Oakland Raiders. He leads the team with 59 total tackles. He has also recorded 3 quarterback sacks, 1 interception, and 4 PDs. He narrowly misses out to Charles Woodson.

Special Teams

P Marquette King – Has had some very good games, particularly against the San Diego Chargers. Net average is a respectable 40.3 yards, with an average return of only 6.3 yards. 25% of kicks have been inside the 20.


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  • Van

    November 14, 2015

    Raiders should finish the year around 8-8. If they get some breaks maybe 9-7.

  • Todd

    November 13, 2015

    This team is exactly where we thought they would be. They are a .500 team (give or take a game). They have a weak secondary plus a first time defensive coordinator. Although they are much better than last year, they are not ready for the playoffs.

  • rob

    November 13, 2015

    raiders are going places


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